Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v pricing: We’ve got it


blog Just an extremely brief post to note that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1v tablet will be available for pre-sale exclusively to Vodafone customers from April 20 for delivery in the week commencing 1 May. Or at least that’s what a Vodafone press release tells us.

“The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1v will launch in selected Vodafone stores and online from May 4th,” it adds. “Vodafone customers will also receive a bonus gift with purchase, a genuine Samsung case”. Pricing details:

Image credit: Vodafone


  1. Well, I am happy with my Samsung Galaxy Tab origional, however, with the speed bump and OS upgrade it would be nice. If only I did not have 1.5 years on my Optus contract.

    In hindsight, with the fast moving Android ecosystem, 2 years between bites is a problem, more so than the Apple iOS where the 2 year cycle is built into production.

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