[ad] Free eBook: Real cloud advice from real IT pros

This free e-book is based on a joint study by IDG and Microsoft, looking at the experience of IT pros who have already moved enterprise business apps to the cloud. It is designed to help you improve business performance and position for the future.

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Delimiter is happy to provide readers with free access to a webinar discussing

[ad] Government digital transformation needs a holistic vision

Digital Transformation is not an easy journey -- but it is a worthwhile one, and ultimately, a necessary one. Whether it's leveraging big data for smart city governance, enabling a mobile workforce or improving the citizen experience of dealing with the public sector, we've been down all of these paths before -- and we can help you walk the same way, successfully.

[ad] Demystifying HPE Flexible Capacity: Public cloud experience with on-premises IT benefits

There is a solution for those who want the benefits that public cloud offers while solving the downsides, and that is called HPE's Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity.

[ad] Why you should attend TechEd 2013

Andrew Coates has been a developer evangelist at Microsoft for almost ten years. In this sponsored interview, Coates outlines the benefits of attending Microsoft’s TechEd conference, and what attendees will get from the experience. TechEd Australia will be held this year from 3-6 September on the Gold Coast.

[ad] How an insurance company increased productivity and transformed their performance through automation with...

This article presents a real-world analysis of how insurance company ClearView transformed their business through automation with SolveXia. It explores how they achieved improved operational efficiencies, reduced human-error risks and increased time spent by staff on high-value activities.

[ad] Meet the New Microsoft: Free Event

The following article is a sponsored post by Microsoft. Click here for more information about the company’s upcoming Australian event series, ‘Meet the New Microsoft’.

[ad] Assessing risk in cloud computing projects: A free framework

When many people come up against the term “risk” in the context of IT projects, they immediately reach for the telephone to call for their IT security experts. Risk, to many people, means the risk of data loss; in this sense, focusing on security has often been a logical proxy for more comprehensive IT risk management strategies.

[ad] Adobe Acrobat XI: The next generation is here

There's no doubt that dealing with document-related challenges is costing companies millions of dollars each year in lost productivity. Into this dynamic environment comes Adobe's Acrobat XI software, a powerful new solution that rises to today’s complex document challenges.

[ad] Samsung GALAXY S III: Designed for Humans

Samsung recently introduced the GALAXY S III, a sleek and impressive smartphone which has the intelligence to help make everyday life easy. Packed with intuitive technology, the GALAXY S III delivers a uniquely personalized mobile experience.

[ad] Why you should attend vForum 2012

sponsored post vForum 2012 is the largest showcase of virtualisation and cloud computing technology in this region. Whether you are an Executive in organizations, IT decision maker, an Infrastructure Architect or an IT practitioner who uses our product on a day-to-day basis, vForum is the right place for you to learn about our how you can transform your IT operations to meet the demands of your users.

[ad] Enterprise Social Summit in Sydney: October 24

sponsored post Socialtext is hosting a special free event in Sydney on October 24 focused on the tangible results of deploying social software throughout Asia Pacific, featuring Headshift Asia-Pacific’s James Dellow.

[ad] Social Business! We don’t come to work to be social!

Enterprise Social Software takes the concepts of social collaboration and delivers them in a manner that is ready for Business.

[ad] How the cloud hosting market is changing

The cloud hosting market has been evolving in interesting new directions recently -- it's not standing still.

[ad] The cloud computing forecast is increasingly hybrid

The choice about whether your organisation should deploy a private or public cloud computing solution represents a false dichotomy. Instead, why not deploy both in an integrated approach, to take advantage of the strengths of each model? And why not consider developing your applications the same way?

[ad] Three lessons ING’s private cloud teaches us

If you could provision a new copy of your organisation's entire internal application environment for development purposes in just ten minutes, and you could do whatever you liked with it, what sort of new systems and processes would you build?

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A great salesperson is priceless. You deserve a tool where the art of selling meets the science of winning. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online works within Microsoft Outlook®, making CRM as familiar as using e-mail. Let Microsoft Dynamics CRM amplify your selling power by helping you focus on the right opportunities, close deals faster and exceed your goals. Download a complimentary trial for 30 days.

[ad] Contact centres: What’s the biggest challenge?

In this video by our partner Integ the company heads to the G-Force conference to ask attendees questions like what the most important challenge will be in their contact centres over the next 12 months, as well as whether the role of the contact centre within their businesses changed as a result of the global financial crisis.

[ad] Salvation Army deploys IP telephony as a service

In this video sponsored post by our partner Integ, the Salvation Army’s IT manager Wayne Bajema discusses how the organisation deployed Integ’s IP Telephony as a Service product (iTaaS) to create a converged voice and data telecommunications infrastructure and move the organisation to a modern platform.

[ad] How long could you go without Internet?

How long could you go without access to the Internet, telephone and television? Not long, according to remote workers at mine sites in Western Australia. That's why communications integrator Integ provides telecommunications and entertainment solutions to such locations. It's a key factor for companies working in those areas in supporting their staff.

[ad] The next era of IP communications

Sponsored Post (by Integ): Dinesh Divakar is the director of enterprise solutions for Alcatel-Lucent Australia – responsible for product management locally, as well as the relationship with analysts, and the company’s solutions architecture. In this interview, he discusses Alcatel-Lucent’s vision for IP communications in the enterprise.

[ad] Cloud API: Giving power to the machines!

sponsored post According to the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, yesterday was the day that Skynet went live. We have until tomorrow (April 21, 2011) before it starts its attack on humanity. And it’s probably all the fault of cloud computing and APIs. Sorry about that.

[ad] Prime Minister’s Dept talks managed services

Peter Docwra is the assistant secretary for the Information Services Branch at Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. In this video published by Integ, he discusses the company's communications managed services platform.

[ad] Hey! SaaS! Get off of our cloud!

This article is a sponsored post from our partner Ninefold. Please check out the company’s cloud computing and storage-as-a-service solutions at its web site. sponsored...

[ad] What does Daddy do?

This article is a sponsored post from our partner Ninefold. Please check out the company’s cloud computing and storage-as-a-service solutions at its web site. There...

[ad] Who is the PM’smanaged telephony provider?

This article is a sponsored post from our partner Integ. Please check out this earlier sponsored post by Integ to find out more about...

[ad] Why you need cloud storage

As we launch public beta today of the first truly online public cloud storage service in Australia, why should you even care?

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[ad] IDG Research Services, in conjunction with Microsoft, recently surveyed 55 IT pros who have deployed enterprise business applications to a public or hybrid cloud.

This eBook stemming from that research is designed to help IT pros to learn from peers who are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities. Through it we share perspectives on how to use cloud computing to improve business performance and position for the future.