Delimiter is one of Australia’s most vibrant technology communities — a place where chief information officers, IT professionals, tech startup entrepreneurs, IT industry figures and even tech-focused politicians and policymakers come to interact online, often using their real names.

We pride ourselves on our level of organic engagement with Australian IT workers and tech enthusiasts of all kinds.

Perhaps more importantly, our readers don’t just come, read articles and leave — they stay to make their opinion known. We regularly get thousands of comments on the site, many of them from high-level executives such as CIOs and IT directors. Our community is passionate about issues in Australia’s technology sector and debates them endlessly.

And we have a lot of readers. We regularly pull in around 120,000 unique visitors per month (90 percent Australian), with regular monthly traffic of over 280,000 page impressions. We operate a highly engaged email database with some 8,400 subscribers, and we have an extensive social media following — with more than 16,000 followers on Twitter, for example.

Delimiter articles can also be quite influential and are regularly quoted in Australia’s halls of power — from the floors of Federal and State Parliaments to boardrooms and the offices of chief executives.

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