While the Coalition was tearing itself into marriage equality knots, Labor was partying with tech startups in Melbourne


blog You could be forgiven for thinking that Australian politics is currently about marriage equality. That’s true — it is about that in large part — but there are also other issues going on, such as the continued push to grow Australia’s startup sector to epic proportions. Last night, while Coalition MPs debated marriage equality in a small room in Parliament House for six hours straight, tech-focused Labor MPs Jason Clare and Ed Husic flew to Melbourne and were partying on, Silicon Valley-style:

The event appears to have been held by the Melbourne Accelerator Program at the University of Melbourne. Some further pics emerged from what looks like a great night emerged in the cold light of this morning:

Former Victorian Premier (also Labor) John Brumby was also there:

And Husic even appeared to be doing a spot of Periscoping at the event. Nice!

Of course, Labor hasn’t yet really articulated yet what its actual policy is with regard to boosting Australia’s technology sector. But I guess we’ll leave that to the election. For now, it’s at least good that the party is spending a great deal of time engaging with the sector.

Top image credit: Appears to be Office of Jason Clare


  1. This is the Labor Party of eavesdropping, blacklists, net censorship, and mandatory data retention, yeah? Because all those things are gonna be so good for Australia’s technology sector.

    Fuck ’em.

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