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  1. Peter
    26/03/2014 • 1:14 pm

    It seems bizarre to me that this phone has the same 4M ultrapixel camera (but with duo-camera) as the last one and also takes a worse photo! OIS has even been removed. They must have good reasons for doing this but so far I don’t know why. I’m a big HTC fan, but I can’t see myself getting this phone.

  2. SimonB15
    26/03/2014 • 11:55 pm

    I like the One M8, but it’s not for me. I like the look and feel of the metal body, and that they’ve moved to on-screen buttons. I prefer it to the Galaxy line. But, I’ve become a huge fan of wireless charging and the metal body prohibits it, and I like to play with ROMs and you can’t beat a Nexus for that. I’ll be sticking with Nexus phones, but I do think this is one of the best phones on the market.

  3. Rainier Wolfcastle
    27/03/2014 • 8:21 pm

    I’ve had an M7 as my work phone for the last 4 months and I like it.

    The Blink feed screen can be removed. And Sense UI is better than Samsung’s Touchwhiz skin.

    I am now looking for a new personal phone. The deal breaker on the M8 is the size. Does that 5 inch screen add anything? The 4.7 inch of the M7 was perfectly good IMO.

    Worse still, it seems all manufacturers in the Android market are going with these ridiculous sized screens. Can anyone point me at a high end Android handset that doesn’t need giant hands to operate?

  4. Lm
    28/04/2014 • 1:50 pm

    Disappointed that the ‘slippery’ design has resulted in a smashed screen and looking at $400 replacement.

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