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  1. Peter Carr
    05/12/2013 • 10:37 am

    I like the sentiment but hyper competition for every dollar (driven by our industry demographics) means we have driven our own cost-based grave. The collective “we” of IT are cannibals. And who trusts a cannibal?

    That doesn’t mean there isn’t money, investment, value and growth to be found. The fact that IT is in every industry also doesn’t mean there is a ubiquitous threat.

    It therefore also doesn’t mean there is a collective sector to support as the existence of multiple and disparate codified IT associations suggests. By their very charters they are self-serving to subcategories of “IT”.

    So which parts of the complex supply-chain need saving? Which parts get the investment funding? The part with the loudest lobby groups? How do you means-test an IP-based sector? Just blue collar IT jobs (typically those targeted for sourcing)? Why? Isn’t it white collar IT jobs that “create” value and long term economic benefit?

    And what’s wrong with sourcing whether its here or overseas? Doesn’t that ultimately help the organisations we serve? In terms of sourcing is it the value created by Australian IT workers for their employers or the high labour costs that is the bigger challenge for Australia?

    I’m not convinced any of the GMs, CEOs or other significant influencer roles I do or don’t support in business have ever differentiated. And the fact that there are only about half a million IT workers supporting all the companies in Australia means we are very short-staffed and resourcing will get even tighter. There is an equal argument to welcome outsourcing in order to drive economic growth by freeing up the valuable resources we have.

    Free market economics has always defined the sector and I think the debate will always be philosophical. Occasionally it drifts towards the ethical during low economic cycles. I also think a national IT think tank is a conceptually flawed idea, especially where “investment” generation would be its focus. We have bigger problems than finding money.

    Adoption of IT and not innovation is a far greater challenge for most companies today.

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