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  1. djos
    Jun 19 - 3:12 pm

    That’s a surprisingly nice looking phone, good effort Huawei especially to put all that into such a thin phone while avoiding stupid looking camera bumps (I’m looking at you HTC!!!)!

    • Renai LeMay
      Jun 19 - 3:35 pm

      I agree, it looks class. Judging on past experience, it won’t have quite the build quality of an Apple, Samsung or HTC, but every new Huawei model I test has been better than the last, so who knows. This could be the breakthrough model. Without 4G, I doubt it, but it’s possible.

      • djos
        Jun 19 - 3:36 pm

        agreed, if it had 4G it’d sell like hot cakes here!

        • midspace
          Jun 19 - 4:07 pm

          on the 1800 MHz band.

          Been a few too recently that failed to even give that with 4G.

  2. TrevorX
    Jun 19 - 5:44 pm

    8gb internal is a bit low for this class. But their improvements this generation lead me to surmise that their next iteration may just hit the mark – a 1080p screen, 16 and 32gb models on LTE+ is definitely within reach for their next device. Even if they don’t want to release a stock Android option, sending some units to the Cyanogen team like Samsung has done would pay dividends and get people excited, not just about the phone, but about Huawei generally.

    • Djos
      Jun 19 - 6:02 pm

      It has a micro-sd slot

      • Renai LeMay
        Jun 19 - 6:44 pm

        And it’s on the side (I think, as it usually is on Huawei gear), not underneath the back cover near the battery, meaning you can keep a few microUSB disks on hand and swap them in and out on demand. You could easily have 100GB of storage on-hand. For your phone.

      • TrevorX
        Jun 19 - 7:49 pm

        Everything has a micro-SD slot (well, except the iPhone, but jokers who choose to buy apple get what they deserve there) – that’s not the point. The flash memory isn’t expensive or bulky, 8gb is simply inadequate when playing at this level.

        • waterytowers
          Jun 20 - 10:23 am

          Depends on the purpose of the phone. I have an LG 8GB Nexus (no micro-sd slot) and it have a number of games and other apps installed, don’t play games on it much though. I still have plenty of space left. I mainly use a tablet for games, browsing and watching video, so I personally don’t need the micro-sd slot. However, I can certainly see why you might want a micro-sd slot. For me a micro-sd slot is more important on a tablet since I use it to watch videos and I don’t want to download it every time I want to watch it. Phones are too small to watch video, even the 5 inch versions.

          To me a phone is used for making and receiving calls and messaging, and as an internet dongle for my tablet.

          • TrevorX
            Jun 20 - 11:08 am

            I have 16gb internal and a 32gb sd card and I’m constantly having to delete stuff, and I have zero movies and only 1gb of music. Super phones aren’t just phones, they are extremely flexible devices capable of a great many functions, many of which the manufacturer may never have considered. Manufacturers who have stopped thinking of smart/super phones as phones and instead try to design the best, most capable and flexible platform are the ones gobbling up market share. Huawei seem to be recognising this shift and are adjusting appropriately which is encouraging, but they’re not there yet as evidenced by what their competitors are already doing.

            Look, this will undoubtedly be a fantastic device for the price – Huawei know how to be competitive. But right now they’re followers, not innovators. But next cycle? They may well have a compelling offering that can stand toe to toe with the big guys. Who knows, within two or three cycles they may even be leading the pack… Just not yet.

  3. Russell Stuart
    Jun 20 - 9:57 am

    Agggghhh! What is it with this fixation on thinness?

    If they made it 10mm they could double the battery life. A phone with decent battery life surely is far more practical than one designed around making a fashion statement.

    • TrevorX
      Jun 20 - 11:15 am

      Thinness = unobtrusive, something crucial in a device you have sitting in your pocket all day long. Personally I want a phone that is thin but half the width, and folds out to full width when required. But this won’t be possible until the advent of zero bezel screens.

      Besides, most models have high capacity aftermarket batteries available that trade off size for increased battery life, so the same model effectively ends up proving the functionality of both options.

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