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sponsored post Have you ever used a smartphone that can recognise your voice, can understand your intention and lets you share a moment quickly and easily? It should be this easy — smartphones should be designed for humans.

Samsung recently introduced the GALAXY S III, a sleek and impressive smartphone which has the intelligence to help make everyday life easy. Packed with intuitive technology, the GALAXY S III delivers a uniquely personalized mobile experience.

The GALAXY S III is designed to help enhance the interaction experience between the device and user. Smart enough to detect your face, voice and motions, the GALAXY S III adapts to the individual user to provide a convenient and natural experience. With the creative ‘Smart Stay’ feature, the Galaxy S III can recognise how you are using your phone – reading an e-book or browsing the web for instance. By looking directly at the front camera, the phone will identify your eyes and will maintain a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.

The GALAXY S III also features ‘S Voice’*, the advanced natural language user interface, to listen and respond to your words. In addition to allowing information search and basic device-user communication, S Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and commands. When your phone alarm goes off but you need a little extra rest, just tell the GALAXY S III “snooze.” You can also use S Voice to play your favourite songs, turn the volume up or down, send text messages and emails, organise your schedules or automatically launch the camera to capture a photo.

In addition to recognising your face and voice, the GALAXY S III can understand your motions to offer maximized usability. If you are messaging someone but decide to call them instead, simply lift your phone to your ear and ‘Direct call’ will dial their number. With ‘Smart Alert’, the GALAXY S III will also catch any missed messages or calls; your phone will vibrate to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle.

The Samsung GALAXY S III is also more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user – it wants you to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends. With the new ‘S Beam’^, the GALAXY S III expands upon Android™ Beam™, allowing a 1GB movie file to be shared in minutes and a 10MB music file within seconds, by simply placing two GALAXY S III phones back to back, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The ‘Buddy Photo Share’ function also allows photos to be easily and simultaneously shared with friends pictured in an image directly from the camera or the photo gallery^^.

With ‘AllShare Cast’#, users can wirelessly connect their GALAXY S III to their compatible television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger display. ‘AllShare Play’## can also be used to share videos, images and more between the GALAXY S III and your compatible tablet, PC, and television regardless of the distance between the devices. Under AllShare Play is also the ‘Group Cast’ feature that allows you to share your screen with multiple friends who also have Galaxy S III’s on the same Wi-Fi network; you can make comments and mark-up changes at the same time with your co-workers, witnessing real-time sharing on your individual device.

This sleek and impressive smartphone has the intelligence to help make everyday life easy. With the Samsung GALAXY S III, you can view the content on the device’s 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display. An 8MP camera and a 1.9MP front camera offer users a variety of intelligent camera features and face recognition related options that help ensure all moments are captured easily and quickly. The Samsung GALAXY S III is powered by Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, with great usability and practicality to help make life easy. Packed with intuitive technology, the GALAXY S III delivers a uniquely personalized mobile experience.

“With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has aimed to maximize the consumer benefits by integrating impressive hardware with intelligent smartphone usability,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “Designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, the GALAXY S III has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind. What makes me most proud is that it enables one of the most seamless, natural and human-centric mobile experiences, opening up a different horizon that allows you to live a life extraordinary.”

The Samsung GALAXY S III is available through major Australian telecommunications companies and retailers. Click here for more information.

* S Voice may not be available in all languages and dialects. Performance may vary depending on the language spoken, the surrounding environment and ambient noise.

^ S Beam only compatible with Samsung Galaxy SIII devices. Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only share content that you own or have the right to share.

^^ Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

# AllShare Cast requires an AllShare Cast Dongle (sold separately) and a HDMI compatible TV. To use AllShare Cast, the AllShare Cast Dongle and the device must be in close proximity.

## To store content on the cloud, AllShare Play requires separate registration with the third-party service provider. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Usage is subject to service provider agreements. AllShare Play app with cloud storage feature is only available on selected Samsung devices. Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only share content that you own or have the right to share.

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