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  1. socrates
    Mar 15 - 3:00 pm

    It’s not a good look when the current-era fount of democracy, the Westminster system, tosses one of it’s citizens to rapacious corporate interests and their lovely lawyers.

  2. Bob.H
    Mar 15 - 4:11 pm

    I am a citizen of Australia and have never been charged with or convicted of an offence under Australian law nor in any other Country I have visited.

    I have provided links to copyright material the same as most people who make comments, in order to support my position, and also provided appropriately attributed quotes which is perfectly legal in Australia.

    It now seems that the USA believes it can look at what I have done in Australia and if it thinks I have broken their laws it can prosecute me in the USA.

    The USA are acting like school yard bullies and it is time they were taken to task by the rest of the world.

    At present they are making China look positively benevolent. At least the Chinese wait until you are actually on their soil before instituting legal proceedings against you; valid or not.

    The UK government in my opinion is absolutely gutless to not defend their citizen who has not broken UK law and has never been in the USA. or conducted an enterprise under the USA’s jurisdiction.

    Finally let me ask why, if linking to illegal copyright material is illegal in the USA, Google, Bing etc., and their executives haven’t been charged in the good ole USA?

    • Renai LeMay
      Mar 15 - 5:24 pm

      Well, Google has removed a lot of suspect links from its index in this regard :)

      But yeah, I agree, the UK Govt should be doing more here. I’m not a huge fan of extradition laws in general. So often they seem to be used in dodgy ways.

    • John
      Mar 15 - 6:04 pm

      yeah I came close once to this happening, not too sure if it was just threat or reality, never found out.
      I never did find out if it was illegal or not..
      I provided links to a USA female model URL public profile on sites myspace and yahoo. These are profiles that she made herself all I did was post the links to them on a board “Check out this hottie type thing” Follow the links to her profile.
      Next thing I’m hearing about copyright violations, private investigators and lawyers being put on me, extradition etc.
      I never uploaded a thing or gained nothing but a huge headache from doing that.
      I simply posted the url’s to her profile where she uploaded her pictures.
      So I dunno,
      The model and I went our separate ways. Lesson learned though I’ll never do that again lol

  3. Adam
    Mar 21 - 12:50 pm

    It’s totally ridiculous! Posting a link is NOT copying or stealing – it’s POINTING!

    If the US considers POINTING as ownership (or theft), then every homeowner and business in the US should sue the GPS companies for trespassing just for POINTING users of their technology to their private or business address.

    I see no difference in this analogy to posting a hyperlink on a web page. The US (and it’s legislators) have become so intoxicated with their own self-importance – it’s nausiating!

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