Telstra hints at Galaxy Nexus launch


blog Telstra hasn’t yet officially confirmed reports that it’s planning to launch Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but if this post on its CrowdSupport forum by one of its executives, Gerd Schenkel, is any indication, the telco is certainly eyeing the handset off. Schenkel, an executive director for Telstra Digital, writes over the weekend:

“How keen are you to get this phone? And why?

Unfortunately, none of Telstra’s customers have yet responded. Of course, we would expect a more enthusiastic response if Telstra actually confirmed the launch. Local site Android Australia has been linking Telstra to the Galaxy Nexus for some time, with the phone reportedly showing up in the company’s internal ordering system already. We’ll find out if the big T is joining Vodafone (and perhaps Optus) in launching the Galaxy Nexus later this week.

Update: OK, now it REALLY looks as though the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Telstra. Check out this very cute video the telco just posted. “Coming soon,” it screams, with a bunch of shots of the Ice Cream Sandwich and Telstra logos. The Galaxy Nexus, of course, is the first handset to run version 4.0 (code named ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’) of Google’s Android platform.

Image credit: Samsung


  1. How keen, Telstra? Keen enough to import it myself rather than wait for you all to release your plans …

    • afaik the reason for this particular delay is that some idiot decided an exclusivity period for a single US carrier was a great idea.
      That’s now expiring, hence everyone getting it at the same time.

      Death to exclusivity periods, I say.

      • agreed.

        making your phone exclusive to one telco just cuts out so much more of your potential market.
        i can’t understand why the manufacturers agree to it.

  2. can i suggest that people go over to the telstra forums and let them know that people are keen to get this phone.

    obviously they plan to release it, but if they get enough interest they may actually release on a similar time frame to the rest of the modern world.

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