We’re “a laughing stock” on R18+ games, says Minister


blog Just when you thought it was safe to assume that politicians didn’t really understand the debate around the need for an R18+ classification for video games, one pops his head up to disabuse us of the notion. Today’s Labor hero is Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor, who told the ABC:

“We’re becoming the laughing stock of the developed world, where we’re the only country that doesn’t have an R18 classification level for video games … can I say my very strong preference is to have consensus around the table in July.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mr O’Connor. Now if you can only get those pesky state governments to agree (pipe down, Western Austraila), we’ll be home and hosed.

Image credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Australia


  1. This is great news, abeit far too late. This is something that should have been in place since 2002, but the AG have been dragging their feet on this. One wonders what they actually do there, probably swinging on chandeliers like howler monkeys throwing shit on all the reform papers that come through.

    I praise Brendan O Connor for actually having to threaten the AG with taking the matter out of their hands completely.

    We will have our R18+ rating, and when we do, this will hopefully all be a bad memory.

  2. Forgive me for my ignorance but won’t the current MA15+ just become the new R18+ and the current M
    become the new MA15+, and the current RC still remains, so really nothing has changed as Mortal
    Kombat will still be banned.

    • If you read some more of O’Conner’s statements, he actually addresses that:

      “So I think adults deserve to have access to certain games that they don’t currently have access to and we have 15 year olds who shouldn’t be accessing games lawfully and are accessing them here”

      What he says sounds very promising, the problem is he’s not actually the one making the decision…

      You can read more of the interview here.

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