Our Father Quigley, who art in NBN Co


blog The number of biblical references to NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley are getting out of hand. First we had an industry insider proclaim they were “a believer” at Quigley’s landmark speech during the election cycle, then we had a stab at a prayer in his honour a few months back, and now this, from Whirlpool:

“Our Chief Quigley,
respected be thy name,
Your fibre kingdom come,
may your plans become reality,
on Aussie soil as it is in Korea,
Give us this day our daily bandwidth,
and forgive us our symmetric dreams,
as we forgive those who have throttled us,
and lead us not into wireless deprivation,
but deliver us from ignorance & the Liberals,
For thine is the way of ubiquitous coverage,
upgradeable now and forever,

Diachronic, whoever you are, you’re a legend.

Image credit: Delimiter


  1. Re. the reference to wireless deprivation above can anyone tell me what is up with Stan Beer and his apparent quest to keep pitting wireless internet against the NBN?
    I just cannot understand how anyone who has the technical knowledge can argue that the fiber component of the NBN will be threatened in any real or significant way by wireless technologies. Won’t these same wireless technologies actually depend on the NBN to be most effective???
    Is the world going crazy?
    Perhaps I should ask the main man…..

    “Our chief….

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