NBN Co picks Global Switch for datacentre


NBN Co has picked Global Switch’s mammoth facility in Pyrmont, Sydney — one of Australia’s largest datacentres — to house much of its infrastructure on a long-term basis.

In a statement this afternoon, the company said the facility would house NBN Co’s hardware and software systems, “including those needed for the operation of its networks”, in a contract valued at $3 million over what NBN Co said was “the initial term” of the arrangement

NBN Co head of corporate services Kevin Brown said as NBN Co was a startup, it could ensure that its hosting was done cost-effectively and could be up-scaled as it grew. “These very specialised facilities need to be secure, environmentally friendly and well-run,” he said.

NBN is planning to announce the location of a secondary datacentre “later in the year” — although it has not yet selected the supplier of that facility yet.

Global Switch’s Sydney facility is billed as one of the largest datacentres in the Southern Hemisphere, carrying over 34MW of on-side power generation. It houses large self-contained facilities for a range of customers — including in the telecommunications and financial services industries and in the public sector. The facility has a number of carrier fibre cables running directly into it — and has its own powerful on-site diesel tanks for independent power generation in the event of failure of the primary electricity grid.


  1. “…and has its own powerful on-site diesel tanks for independent power generation…”

    I think that could have been better worded! The tanks don’t generate anything.

  2. With almost every ISP worth mentioning having a presence at Globalswitch some fashion (Rack, Fibre into the Meet Me Rooms), it is also a great location for NBN Co to interconnect with their clients.

    Telstra, Optus, PIPE, Nextgen etc all have fibre into the building (presumably with diverse entries) so getting their is easy if you aren’t.

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