Vodafone launches unlimited iPad plan


Mobile carrier VHA has launched its iPad data plans ahead of the launch of the Apple tablet in Australia on Friday, with the most notable feature being an unlimited prepaid data plan through its Vodafone brand for at a cost of $49.95, with the data expiring every 30 days.

Like Telstra, Vodafone will only offer iPad customers pre-paid plans, not monthly ongoing plans. The company’s iPad plans range from $9.95 for 250MB of data all the way up to the unlimited plan for $49.95, as well as two recharge options at $100 and $150 that offer 6GB and 12GB of downloads respectively, with the data expiring at 180 and 365 days.

For the $49.95 unlimited plan, Vodafone stipulated that customers must not use the plan for peer to peer downloading – for example over services such as BitTorrent.

The plans which VHA will offer through its ‘3’ brand differ remarkably from the Vodafone options. There is no unlimited recharge option, and 3 will offer both pre-paid and post-paid options for iPad data access.

The pre-paid plans range from $15 for 500MB of data up to $149 for 12GB of data. The lower three recharge options will have their data quota expire after 30 days, while the $149 recharge option will expire after 365 days. 3 will send customers the micro-SIM card which the iPad requires for free.

3 has two iPad monthly plans – one priced at $15 per month and including 1GB of data, and one at $29 per month with 3GB of data. It appears as if customers will receive a bonus 500MB or 1GB of data respectively if they buy their micro-SIM card from 3.

Telstra and Optus have also released their iPad plans. It appears that like the other telcos, VHA’s brands will not sell the iPad directly. Instead, it will be available from Apple retail stores, at the company’s web site and from selected Apple third-party retailers.

Image credits: Screenshots of Vodafone and 3 websites


  1. > “Apple® iPad is not 900MHz compatible and only GPRS coverage (slower speed) is available in 3G 900Mhz areas.”

    And so, outside of major metropolitan areas iCrap users can expect GPRS speeds.

    Further, I suspect that there is no network impediment to these unlimited plans being used with other devices.

    • Heh I’m not buying an iPad … but if I did, I probably wouldn’t want to take it outside major metropolitan areas anyway ;) As for the impediment to being used with other devices, it has been reported that both Telstra and Optus are putting such plans in place.

    • Vodafone is building an 850Mhz 3G network… initially metro areas (built on the old Orange CDMA base stations). I’m not sure if they’ve decided to expand it further then that or not.

  2. Anyone know if these plans are tied to these mini sims or can be added to current plans or if a mini sim can be rigged up to work in a standard sim slot??

  3. A micro SIM is still a regular sized SIM Chip but with less plastic around the edges. So, anyone with some basic skills with superglue and a sharp knife should be able to pad them out to regular SIM chip sizes. (either that, or dig the actual chip out, and put it in a regular sized sim)

    • +1 for useful link, and I agree in terms of the six month recharge option, I think a lot of people will be going for that level of recharge after their first, maybe one-month charge to see how much data they will use.

  4. Guys, as far as I know, there is no need to buy two Ipad data plans! I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. Basically, u put ur microsim card inside it, and then u can use it in both Ipad and Iphone. I googlesearched it and found this site that sells it: gomicrosim . com They say it costs 4.5 EUR. They also seem to offer the sticker guide to cut the regular simcard into the microsim. According to my calculations it should save me 1440$, since now I have no need to buy another 2 years plan with AT&T.

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