Both iPads to hit Australia late April


Both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of Apple’s iPad tablet computer will be available in Australia in “late April”, the company said over the weekend, but it has not released any local pricing details.

On January 28 when the iPad was revealed, Apple supremo Steve Jobs had promised worldwide availability of the device within 60 days, with the 3G mobile broadband model to ship within 90 days.

The revised Australian timing is both good news and bad news for Apple fans — we’ll get the Wi-Fi version of the iPad a little later than expected, but get the 3G version a little earlier. The Wi-Fi iPad goes on sale in the US on April 3. There are no details yet about what telco deals Apple might have signed in Australia.

In the US the 16GB model will sell for US$499 without 3G and US$629 with 3G, the 32GB model for US$599 without 3G and US$729 with 3G and the 64GB model for US$699 without 3G and $829 with 3G.

A pure currency conversion puts the range at between AU$558 and AU$926, but technology goods often receive a markup when being sold in Australia. It also remains unclear whether the iBookstore feature will be available in Australia.

Image credit: Apple

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